HARC Impact Studies

I was contracted by a property owner in the Telluride National Historic Landmark District to provide impact studies of a project proposed for a neighboring property.

The Telluride National Historic Landmark District is governed by the Telluride Historic and Architectural Review Commission (HARC). HARC issues, or denies, required Certificates of Appropriateness necessary for obtaining building permits pertaining to the erection, demolition, moving, renovation, restoration, addition to, or alteration of any structure or sign. All such projects are required to conform to the published Design Guidelines for Building in Telluride.

Neighboring property owners are noticed and public meetings are held during which public comments are taken. The images below were presented at these meetings. Elements of the project were shown that are out of conformance with the Design Guidelines and the project was directed to be revised and re-submitted.

I modeled the proposed project based on the plans submitted for HARC review. I perspective matched and composited the 3D model with site photography. Before and after images showing the site, first submission and subsequently revised second submission are shown below.

A third and final revised plan set was submitted. The upper level deck was further reduced in size so that it could not function as, and appear to be, a non-conforming car port. Equally important the second level wall above the garage over head door was moved back 2′ and the small shed roof was extended to meet it. Stepping back upper levels from alley ways is a primary Design Guideline.

The projects conformance with the Design Guidelines was significantly improved and renderings were not deemed necessary for the third set of revised plans. The valuable and important character of this historic alley way was preserved for all to enjoy and approval was granted.

The renderings were an integral part of the project review and received several favorable comments.

Mark’s modeling…. is the best in the land!

Nore Winter – Architect and Principle at Winter and Associates. Author – Design Guidelines for Building in Telluride.

….. wanted to thank Mark F. for the excellent renderings

Mark Shambaugh, HARC Chairman

….good work.

Jonna Wensel – Historic Preservation Director

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