West End Recon

Last November we spent two nights out in the far west end of our county. We camped both nights in a remote spot a mile or two East of the Utah state line.

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We’ve been in the area before – once many years ago and again more recently. Previously we had explored this general area from the canyon system below and also by descending from the mesa above. On this trip we started from our car camp on the mesa above.

Our plan was to hike down onto a large area of exposed slickrock that we’d not yet visited. The access required navigating a semi complex network of old uranium mining and cattle grazing roads. The roads were mostly high clearance and four wheel drive in a few spots.

We got to our camping spot in the late afternoon. Days are short and the nights are cold in mid November. After a fireside dinner we were into the tent by 6:30. We had our warmest camping gear and stayed comfortable thru the night.

The following morning we followed a compass bearing across the P-J to the drop-in spot. A scrambly down climb got us onto the broad open slickrock area we were interested in exploring. It did not disappoint and was well worth the effort! This area is so obscure and remote that I suspect very few have ever visited.

After a day spent cruising around on the expansive slickrock we reversed our route and hiked back up to camp. We enjoyed another fireside meal and an early night, warm in the tent.

We will return to this area again. The plan is to connect what we did on this trip to the areas visited on our previous explorations and make it a 1-2 night backpacking loop.

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