Photo Re-touching + 3D

This was an interesting project. Because the exterior was substantially complete, making a purely 3D rendering did not seem like the best solution. Photographing the project would be more cost effective but that had some issues to overcome.

Multiple techniques were used to create the final advertising images shown below. I shot a series of bracketed exposures around dusk. The exposures were blended together in Photoshop, primarily to adjust the window lighting. 3D landscaping, light fixtures and other elements were created in 3D studio and matched to the photographs perspective and lighting conditions. The 3D elements were composited into the photograph using Photoshop. Final image re-touching, masking out unwanted vehicles, wires, under construction areas, adding a better sky and straightening the vertical perspective was all done with Photoshop.

Unit A

Unit B

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    1. Thank you for your positive comments Anne-Britte. I was a nice pleasure working with you and I’m gratified that the final images are such a success.

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