2015 Spring Adventure

We had a great time and some good adventure on this years spring desert hiking trip. We were out in the canyon country a bit later in the season than usual, leaving Telluride on Thursday April 29th and returning Sat May 9th. It worked out pretty well in regards to weather and temperatures. Not too hot and in between major storm systems. Continue reading “2015 Spring Adventure”

3D Renderings With Custom Furniture and Fixtures

Interior renderings often require that furnishings and fixtures be included. Some projects can make use of assets drawn from my fairly extensive library. A variety of 3D furniture and fixtures are available from manufacturers and third party vendors.  Other renderings require that specific furniture, fixtures, artwork and etc., not available from any existing source, be created. This post gives an overview of how 3D furniture and fixtures are created to match the finished interior design and decoration specifications. Continue reading “3D Renderings With Custom Furniture and Fixtures”