Arches National Park

We spent a couple of days camping and hiking in Arches National Park at the end of November 2021. Karen had never been to Arches and it had been 20 + years since my last visit.

It’s well known that Arches is suffering from unprecedented demand resulting in severe overcrowding. We hoped that a weekday period after the Thanksgiving holiday might provide an exception, and that the warm and dry late fall weather would provide pleasant desert hiking conditions. We were not disappointed.

The park campground was less than half full and the trails were relatively uncrowded. According to the rangers, it was the first calm period, and the only time with open sites in the campground since the previous March.

It was the perfect time to visit the park and we spent two days hiking to all the Arches. Check out some photos in the slideshow below (click on the slideshow to enlarge).

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